Links to Related Websites

The City of Amboy provides an authentic small-town atmosphere along with hundreds of surrounding camping spaces available to the visitors to our area.

Lee County Tourism is the blanket organization providing information on other tourist sites, accommodations and restaurants for visitors to our county.

The Illinois Association of Museums provides a listing arranged by county of all museums throughout the state. Information pertaining to each museum is provided to aid visitors in locating and planning visits to other museums in the area.

The National Register of Historic Places lists all registered historic sites across the country. Electronic searching of that list can be useful in expanding the number of historic sites our visitors can see in our area.

The Illinois Central Historical Society provides additional history and offers membership to those interested in the history of the Illinois Central Railroad, which built our depot in 1876.

The Railroad Station Historical Society exists to encourage the preservation and growth of historical knowledge of railroad stations/depots and other railroad/railway structures throughout the world. includes a listing of several railroad related museums in the state of Illinois, along with various additional information pertaining specifically to railroading, both past and present, in that state.